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About Us


at  cb  private beverage  we  bottle only  the  best  in PREMIUM  quality  beverages.


our team has carefully crafted each product to provide our customers with tasteful beverages that will hydrate & cultivate the body and pallet with superior thirst quenching satisfaction. at CB private Beverage we are not only providing premium beverages, we are introducing our customers to a healthy & elegant lifestyle.  we are an innovative company dedicated to keeping our products on the cutting edge of the beverage industry. 

welcome to cb private beverage!





founded by Chanera d. Cotlage, Chanera wanted to build a brand for her son and family that could last generations to come.  with a strong background of working with her family in the health & wellness industry, and her knowledge and experience in products production, technology & finance, chanera branched out on her own to be an entrepreneur.  after years of missing the mark in starting a new business, two years of researching. structuring, networking and building; this ambitious business owner launched EON H2o water in 2016.  the goal behind the eon brand is focused on supplying a product that will provide a healthy beverage alternative, and one that will be everlasting.  

eon h2o was just the start of a bigger and better plan; chanera did not want to just stop at bottling eon h2o, she wanted to expand and produce beverages that every consumer would love;  With the 2018 launch of cb private beverage, llc,  chanera looked ahead to do just that.  with eon h2o being the feature product of CB Private Beverage, llc, chanera and her team are gearing up to elevate crowd favorites and crafting them to not only taste amazing but to also promote a healthy lifestyle. chanera's dedication and determination to place her stamp on the beverage industry, is vastly becoming her reality.  with new products wright's tea & zero wine soon to come, chanera is leading her team to success! 




we are on a mission to educate, elevate & hydrate! at cb private beverage we will continue to bring our customers amazing beverages!